Greening Penrith

The Greening Penrith initiative has benefited the look and feel of the town and culminated in us winning awards both nationally and regionally respectively at Britain in Bloom and Cumbria in Bloom. This project was only possible because of the involvement of the BID and gives the town a sense of pride in its appearance, not just in the Summer months.

We encourage all businesses to get involved. All will be green and blooming ready for June, so don’t delay to order your basket as we have to nurture them for several weeks before delivery to your door.

“I’m impressed with the hanging baskets this year and appreciate the ongoing maintenance [and] watering carried out by Robert….. The flowers in the town are looking good and regular watering and maintenance is important. This service is much appreciated.”

Stan Blacklock

We offer a selection of greening options to make your business bloom: Town Centre Planters, and pre-grown 16″ hanging baskets which are watered throughout Summer and can be supplied with or without a bracket.

As part of commitment to becoming more sustainable, our planters are filled with a mixture of longer life shrubs and flowering plants to ensure that they continue to enhance the town throughout the year.

What’s in it for you? Apart from making the town look lovely, if you commit to help with our town centre planters your business will get a plaque on your sponsored item for 12 months and the planted area will be fully serviced throughout the season.

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Support the greening of Penrith and show that your business has Pride in Penrith by sponsoring the following:

Town Centre Planters: Re-plant an existing planter to enhance the town’s appearance all year round. £250 per plaque and £200 per year after that. 4 year deal for £800. (prices +VAT).

16″ Pre Grown Hanging Baskets: Dress up your business with a pre-grown 16″ hanging basket watered throughout the summer period for just £49.50 per basket. Not got a bracket? We will supply and fit with basket for just £65 per basket! (prices +VAT) Order yours now

Planters on railings: These amazing baskets sit on the top of railings in prominent positions around town. Each planter has a board below which can hold a sponsors plaque. £250 per plaque (1 per planter) and £200 per year after that. 4 year deal for £800. (prices +VAT)

Pyramid planters: These amazing tiered planters can also be sponsored for £500 for the first year, £400 per year after that. 4 year deal for £1,600. (prices +VAT)


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