Pride in Penrith

Penrith BID are proud of our town. We work to enhance the appearance of the town centre, creating a welcoming space throughout the seasons. Consultations with businesses in the town centre identified the need to maintain and enhance the appearance of the town centre as their fourth highest priority (51% high priority) in a 2017 survey.

This project will be delivered in three parts:

1. Greening initiative  continuing the success of the award-winning initiative to brighten the appearance of the town centre.

2. Christmas Sparkle  continuing the expansion and improvements to the seasonal lights to brighten the appearance of the town centre.

3. Community initiative ¬†support for community action where it contributes to BID’s goal of a clean, green and welcoming town centre.


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We want your feedback on Penrith Sparkle!

Please take some time to share your professional thoughts on the event. This is for Penrith BID to help our development of events for the town centre. The aim of Christmas Sparkle was to enliven the space for the community, …
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Award-winning appeal

In these current economic and social circumstances Penrith town centre, and high streets throughout the UK, are presented with a set of unique challenges. One of which is to encourage people back into the town centre.

A major part of this relies on a revitalisation and collective conscience in improving attitudes towards our town centre. We have been taking Pride in Penrith through the award-winning Greening Penrith initiative. This project transforms the appearance of the town through colourful flower displays, and through local businesses participating with baskets and planters. Penrith was described as The Jewel in Cumbria’s Crown by judges for Britain in Bloom.

The town’s Christmas Sparkle has also been hugely successful and each of these initiatives have achieved very high levels of satisfaction from the business community (83% and 77% respectively).


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