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Recruit Penrith and Winter Droving


Recruit Penrith

BID are aware that a number of our levy payers are struggling to recruit staff at the moment. Whilst we know from other BIDs that this is a national problem, Directors have agreed to use the Discover Penrith platform to raise the profile of those businesses who have jobs to fill and to attract more applicants.

So, if you are currently recruiting and would like some free publicity for the role(s) please email me:

  • Your business name
  • The jobs you are looking to fill (just the Job Title if it is obvious eg Shop Assistant, or a brief description is an explanation is needed)
  • Details of where applicants can get more info (eg your website, Facebook page or on Indeed)

I’ll then upload this information on a dedicated ‘Recruit Penrith’ page on Discover Penrith and advertise the page through our usual channels. We hope that signposting jobseekers to possible roles will help speed up the process and the applicant rates.

Winter Droving 2021

Penrith BID have voted to support Winter Droving for 2021. Directors hope this signature event will be a safe way to show Penrith is open for business.  Eden Arts have asked me to forward you details of the plans for this year’s Winter Droving:

“Winter Droving 2021 take place on Thursday/Friday/Saturday 28th – 30th October. The events are all about showcasing Penrith and surrounding areas as vibrant and great places to live and visit, giving pride in where we live and bringing people together to have a great time, both locals and visitors from across the country.
We want as many businesses as possible to benefit from this event and here’s how you can maximise on the opportunities the Drovings presents. Winter Droving has a massive following and a great deal of goodwill, by joining in you can benefit. Before we start, make sure you follow the Winter Droving on Facebook to keep up to date and share posts to your followers.”

Please direct any enquiries to Eden Arts – or 01768 899444 and one of the team will help.


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