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Invitation for any businesses to join in with the Window Wanderland


You may have noticed, whilst wandering around Penrith or from looking on Facebook or Instagram, that windows in homes are being decorated using just coloured paper and a glue stick. This began in Penrith in December, but as Lockdown is once again upon us, it was hoped that creating decorated windows that could be viewed by passers by might bring a bit of community spirit and light relief from the stresses of recent days.
Originally started in 2015, this has grown nationally and beyond, into an annual event for communities to join in.
I am the Lead Artist for Penrith Window Wanderland. This is not something to give business owners more stress, but it’s hoped that, if you wish to be involved, then the information is close at hand.
If you’d like to join in, there are packs available from the Penrith Library. These contain a ‘How to create a window’ info sheet,(which I’ve attached for you to read), a variety of coloured tissue paper, black sugar paper (to create silhouettes) and a glue stick. All you’ll need is some tracing paper or greaseproof paper will do, to act as the canvas on which you can create your design. The packs are free.
There is information on the WW webpage of the EVAN events web-site, link here:
During December there was no theme, people just created their own window designs. I have now introduced the theme of ‘Music’ for you to interpret in what ever way you wish, if you’d like to take part. Please feel free to just do your own thing, but I thought music not only has helped many people deal with Lockdown but also it’s so varied and could be stretched to anything really.
There’s also a Penrith and Eden Window Wanderland FB page. If you create a window, please post a photo of your window on the FB page and where the window is. If you’re doing this at a family address, just the street is enough, but if you’re doing this as a business, then please say where. Obviously you won’t want to cover over your wares in your window, but if you can find a space to create something, then please get involved.
Also as the theme is Music, I am inviting local musicians to create their own QR codes. These will be printed on an A4 sheet, with the WW logo and the musician’s name. By clicking on the QR codes, passers by, or maybe people queuing outside your shop, could listen to a Youtube video of the music. If you’d like to display a QR code A4 sheet in your window, please contact me on  so that I can arrange to get that to you, with thanks, as that will also help the local musicians get their music heard.
Attached is the info sheet which is available in the free packs (available from Penrith Library). This is a simple guide as to how to create a window using tracing paper (or greaseproof paper), tissue, sugar paper, a glue stick and a bit of imagination!
I’m hoping that Penrith can help everyone in the community to stay connected, safely, until times improve.
Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope you might feel you’d like to get involved.
Gwen Bainbridge – Lead Artist Penrith and Eden Window Wanderland


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